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Thread: LG GH22 combo Internal DVD re writer

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    LG GH22 combo Internal DVD re writer

    Hi, I just need a very small information. Yesterday my old DVD ROM failed, hence I bought a new LG GH22 internal drive. installed it today morning on my Xp Pro SP2 system which went fine, I also received a message saying “New hardware found.” I tried running few CDs and DVDs and everything is working fine. But I wanted to know whether I need to update drivers for this new hardware, if yes, where can I get them? Can I download it from windows update?

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    Re: LG GH22 combo Internal DVD re writer

    As the drive is new and working fine, you don’t need to do anything. Device may be already with the most recent firmware. But if in case you get any problem with this device then simply visit LG’s website and download the drivers.

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    Re: LG GH22 combo Internal DVD re writer

    As far as I know you would have got a CD with this drive right, just run the CD it would have the LG ODD firmware auto-update program. It gets installed when you install the Cyberlink software.

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    Re: LG GH22 combo Internal DVD re writer

    OK - that's good to know - Thank you

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