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Thread: USB Controller list in Device Manager

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    USB Controller list in Device Manager

    I am using a bit old Windows XP computer. I had updated SP3 recently. I am facing problem with using USB on the same. There are around 6 USB ports on the motherboard. But none of them are working. I am using a mouse which has usb port and it fails to respond. In Device Manager there is no list provided on USB Controller. It looks the update has caused some messed with the drivers. How can I get them back.

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    You can click on find new hardware. I hope that would help you to detect those uninstalled ports. Second thing go in the bios and check for usb settings. There can be chances that it is disabled from the bios. Enable it and then go check your motherboard model. On that basis download the latest chipset drivers and update them in your system. It will works. XP is unable to find the drivers due to which they remain undetected.

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    Are you using any pci usb card. If yes then simply pull it and put it on some other slot. The issue can lie with that also. It is right that checking inside bios will give you more option to find whether it is disabled or not. If those all ports are onboard then there can be issue with drivers. You can run system restore and choose the old date when it was working fine.

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    The issue lies with onboard SiS Open Host Controllers. I faced the same kind of issue on my system also and was not able to use any of the usb device. Somehow recent changes in the system causes the drivers to fail. And above all the most irritating thing is that driver remains undetected.

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