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Thread: USB Malfunction

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    USB Malfunction

    Computer runs windows XP; is a hp laptop. The storage device is a western digital 160gb passport; model WD1600XMS-00. I have a passport which has been working perfectly on my computer for almost a year now. I've had a few slight drops (each time it was in a soft case) but the passport continued to work perfectly (the last time was over 4 months ago). I tried to connect it to my computer today to listen to some music, and I got the dreaded error message of "one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned" and "please click here to have windows help." Of course, clicking never happens so I turned to forums. I've already tried restarting my computer (did that first) with no change. I tried uninstalling all USB drivers (both with the passport plugged and and not plugged in). I also found the "phantom" drivers that can only be seen when you tell it so show hidden items. (All of this was done on the device manager page), and restarting the computer after each time.

    The device used to show up under one name or another on my computer; now I can't even find it. I tried finding a driver for the passport, but apparently there are none on the Western Digital website that I could find. In fact, I couldn't even find my exact model on there! So far nothing has changed. The drive hasn't made any funky noises, and the blue light still turns on like normal. I haven't tried it on another computer yet (will once my roomie wakes up, but I don't have much hope for her laptop - it's very slow and vista). I've also tried both (yes, I have only two) USB ports on my laptop, and it doesn't make a difference.
    Are there any other suggestions for getting this thing to work? I really don't want to pay the hundred or so dollars to pull everything off...

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    Re: USB Malfunction

    I had exactly the same problem earlier with my older desktop which was running with intel P4. Suddenly all my USB ports stopped working. After lots of research I finally came to know that problem were with ports and not my device. So according to the message mentioned above, I’m sure that your USB Root HUB has got some problem.

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    Re: USB Malfunction

    I've since tried the passport on my roommates computer with a vista, and my dads XP computer. My last thing I'm going to try is go to a friend with the exact same passport as me, and try mine on her computer. If that doesn't work, and I don't hear any other replies, I think my last option is take it in and pull out all of my stuff.

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