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Thread: Can't get proper setup for 5.1 speakers

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    Can't get proper setup for 5.1 speakers

    I want to setup a 5.1-speaker surround sound on my pc and everything is working fine in the Realtek HD Audio driver and I have got 6 speakers set up and test tones are workin fine as well. I then go to the advanced properties in Control Panel and then Sound to 5.1 Channel Surround but if I am trying to adjust the speaker volume then I am only getting the option to adjust 2 speakers only. What is the problem here, can anyone help.

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    Re: Can't get proper setup for 5.1 speakers

    I thinkg that you might have got a 5.1 dvd disk along with the speakers and you will need to put that inside the DVD rom and then try to set all the speakers.

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    Re: Can't get proper setup for 5.1 speakers

    Actually, the volume faders for the other speakers are supposed to be added to the playback mixer, so try to open the mixer by double clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray and then select the Options menu and then click on Properties and now you will be able to choose the missing faders. Also, Reltek driver lets you to select variety of speaker combinations. So you need to select 5.1 speakers and a stereo (2 channel) source is played, then the output will come from all 5 speakers - the rear mirrors the front and the center gives sound common to left and right.

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