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Thread: What does the "Page File Usage History" chart measure.

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    What does the "Page File Usage History" chart measure.

    I am having a Windows XP Pro system. I use the software to convert some movies file. I am trying to convert AVI files to DVD. The cpu usage goes to 100% at the time of conversion. I am using a Dual Core processor. So I expect that the usage must not go to 100%. I am having only 1GB ram in the system. Does that is causing performance break. The page file on the same is around 1GB. I think the system requires more ram.

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    Yes you need more ram. And converting a video is a resource intensive job. The bigger the video is the more hardware it needs. You must get more on 1GB stick and add that to your system. If your video size is bigger than 500MB then the converting process takes a long time. I convert videos from 100MB to 400 and it takes around 15 to 20 minutes with full cpu utilization.

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    Try running Disk Defragmentation for a while. It will clean the data and arrange it more properly. This gives you easy accessibility and offers a much better way to use system resources. I too agree that video conversion is a resource intensive job. The processor is fully utilized that means your system performance needs more better hardware.

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