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Thread: Driver Infrared conflict on HP Compaq NC6000

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    Driver Infrared conflict on HP Compaq NC6000

    I own a 14" HP Compaq NC600 notebook. It came with Windows XP pre-installed in that. I had formatted the system and installed my copy of Windows. After driver installation the infrared port is not working. I am having the driver cd of notebook and I installed everything from that. So to some extent the driver must not cause as it is the original one. I need some help here to find the right drivers for my laptop.

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    Go in Device Manager and see what you can find there. If the infrared port is installed then you can find the driver there. If it is not then there will be exclamation mark in Device Manager. You will need to remove that and install the same back again. A number of time the bios settings can cause the issue. Go in that and enable it back again. Then check once again whether it works fine or not.

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