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Thread: Automatic Updates will not stay enabled

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    Automatic Updates will not stay enabled

    When I restart my computer then the redx warning comes on the auto update is disabled. So, I need to turn it on all the time and then go to services.msc and try to set to automatic. After that when I restart the pc then it will do the same thing again? Can anyone please help? Thanks

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    Re: Automatic Updates will not stay enabled

    Try Microsoft's® Automatic Update Repair Tool. Download it here from this link -

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    Re: Automatic Updates will not stay enabled

    The system might be infected with malware "Vundo", check the below link for more information:

    Service does not start and displays "Error 1058"

    You cannot manually start the Automatic Updates service and you receive an "Error 1058" error message on a computer that is running Windows XP or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

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    I'm having the same issue except my automatic update keeps turning itself off. I go back in and start it again and it disables itself again 30 seconds later. Any ideas?

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