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Thread: Recover unsynchronized offline files from hard drive of defunct PC

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    Recover unsynchronized offline files from hard drive of defunct PC

    I am having a Notebook at my home. I had installed windows xp on the same. There was some problem with the motherboard recently. Now I need some help here to migrate the existing data of my notebook to my desktop. There are number of bluescreen already on the screen and I do not think it is worth to go for a repair. I am having some un-synchronized offline files on the same. I want to recover them first and then only I will move ahead with some other setup. Once the data is migrated I will go with fresh setup.

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    RE: Recover unsynchronized offline files from hard drive of defunct PC

    For the unsynchronized offline files you will need to follow the below steps. First turn of offline caching here. You can do that by going inside Tools and then click on Folder option. There you can find offline files. Just reboot your machine after that. Then you can simply try to move the csc folder from existing windows directory to something other. Just copy that and then enable offline caching once again. Go in cmd and run the following command:
    csccmd /EXTRACT /RECURSE /TARGET:c:\csc-files. The data will extract.

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    RE: Recover unsynchronized offline files from hard drive of defunct PC

    There are some nice data migration tool that can help you to fix the issue. You can use that to migrate the data instantly. It is not at all complicated. Just download a good data migration software and then simply use it for backup. That will be more better and easy to fix the issue you are facing. Just download some migration wizard software from web and install it in your pc and then you can move ahead with automated migration process which will be more helpful.

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    RE: Recover unsynchronized offline files from hard drive of defunc

    I am in bit different problem here. I was trying to recover offline files and within a while the system just crashed. I am unable to understand from where does this issue appear. The recovery process was just in mid and the system stopped working. I am so annoyed with the issue. Now the system does not even boot properly in safe mode. I cannot format the pc directly without backup. I am trying the repair setup here and hope that the issue will be resolved if everything goes well.

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    I am giving you a few helpful links that will help you to recover the offline files. It is extremely easy. There are some automated tools also but better stick with the manual process because it is more intact. There is guarantee that you will get the data saved in your pc. There are two links below that has ample of information on the problem you are facing.

    Files that you add to the Offline Files folder on a Windows XP-based computer are synchronized when another person uses the computer
    How to use offline files in Windows XP

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    Re: Recover unsynchronized offline files from hard drive of defunct PC

    i've had the same problem with my laptop. when i try the steps you outline, i get system error 1024. it says i'm using the last known good configuration and it only has extracted about 700MB of the 8GB of files in the csc folder. is there any way to force the extraction of all the files in the d1 through d8 directories of the csc folder? thanks

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