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Thread: HELP!!!! I installed Service Pack 3 and now Windows won't start

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    HELP!!!! I installed Service Pack 3 and now Windows won't start

    After Windows boots up, I am getting the blue screen error that states me an attempt was made to execute non-executable memory. And it will tell me to check to see if new hardware or software is properly installed but I cannot. I have installed Service Pack 3 and it will not let me back on. I even tried to restart from my Windows Disk but I am getting the same error message.

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    If I recollect properly, then this issue was happening with people who upgraded to SP3 with AMD processors. So that might be the cause for you. So what you can do is before windows start to load, continuously press the F8 button on the keyboard untill you can come across a screen to select safe mode. Once you select the same booting option then try to uninstall the SP3 from your pc.

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    To work around this issue, follow these steps:

    1. Restart your computer in safe mode.
    2. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
    3. Locate and then click the following registry key:
    4. In the right pane, right-click the Start entry, and then click Modify.
    5. In the Value data box, type 4, and then click OK.
    6. Exit Registry Editor.
    7. Restart your computer.

    More information here -

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    Re: HELP!!!! I installed Service Pack 3 and now Windows won't start

    i realise this thread is 2 years old but after scouring the internet this is exactly the problem I now have.
    I download SP3 and after restarting all i get is the BSoD.I cannot start in safe mode.After reading your problem i also found that by unplugging my wireless mouse and keyboard I could then get to the start up additional problem is that the keyboard is also wireless with the mouse and so I still cannot use anything!!! As soon as i plug them back in I get the BSoD.
    I was just wondering if and how you eventually solved the problem??

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