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Thread: activation loop for xp but already activated

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    activation loop for xp but already activated

    I am running Windows Xp on a virtual machine and seems like it is playing with me now. It is running from last 3 months without any problems but from today morning, when I started the system it suddenly told me that I need to activate Windows in order to log in. As I have the product key, I simply clicked on OK. But on next window it says that this Windows is already activated. So I clicked on OK again and it took me back to the same message where it says I need to activate windows. Isn’t it playing with me ?

    Damn, it is now frustrating me. I don’t know the exact reason for this sudden changed behavior but I guess could be because of a security update on my windows last night. Am not able to do anything even in Safe Mode. Any suggestion or help to fix this problem ?

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    Re: activation loop for xp but already activated

    Yep, sounds very funny but lets have some troubleshooting for the same:

    • Go to Start.
    • Click Run
    • Type regsvr32.exe regwizc.dll and click ok
    • Again type r egsvr32.exe licdll.dll

    See what you get as result.

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    Re: activation loop for xp but already activated

    I have the same problem but in a native XP Professional environment and reply is not helpful as cannot get into windows at all so obviously cannot go to Startand run anything! Safe mode doesn't work either so cannot do a restore or anything - help!

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    Re: activation loop for xp but already activated

    I have the exact same problem. I can, however, get to the command prompt using the installation CD. What files do I need to delete/overwrite to make things work. PLEASE help - this has become a saga*!

    * I had everything working fine at one point but stupidly didn't take a snapshot of the virtual setup. When the problem first came up I called microsoft and got through to a "help"desk representative who could hardly speak english. She told me that it was her lunch break (somewhere in China) and there was no one who could help me with this and she couldn't transfer me to a technician. I called again and was put through to the Philippines where a "service"desk representative took all the same registration key details and listened to the problem before telling me that I could pay $75 to speak to a technician or I could have a nice day. In frustration I called Dell who supplied the original laptop. They told me it was a Microsoft problem (duh!) but the helpdesk offered to help! He got me to the point where I could enter safe mode - but still needed to activate an already activated version of XP!! He also showed me how to get to the recovery console. However, neither of us know which part of windows is bugged...
    I am now convinced I did the right thing moving to a Mac! Microsoft = crap but Dell = helpful. I just want to get into the virtual laptop now so I can copy over my files! I guess it's stupid of me to have thought that a parallels copy would suffice: it's still Microsoft!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: activation loop for xp but already activated

    if you havent fixed it already then to get into windows follow the steps below
    1. click yes
    2. pres windows symbol and u. That will open up a narrator.
    3. if you get a message about the narrator that describes what its about you can close it
    4. on the top left of the narrator there is a little icon that looks like a computer, click that and on the bottom of the drop down menu click about narrator.
    5. click Microsoft Web Site (highlited in blue)
    6. in the address bar type in C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
    6 1/2. if it downloads then open it (if it doesnt open already)
    7. have fun :)

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    Re: activation loop for xp but already activated

    did you install any updates after it was activated because i have found a few that give me similar errors

    most of them have to do with Internet explorer security updates and normal security updates

    if you could list the updates that you installed before you got the activation loop if any list them please

    it may help in the diagnosis but personally i just think that it is microsoft forcing our hand to make us get a newer OS

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