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Thread: Wavemix.inf missing from pinball folder

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    Wavemix.inf missing from pinball folder

    This is Windows XP with WP2. Since last few days I started having some problems on my system. I have seen an error message several times appearing on my display saying something like Wavemix.inf missing from pinball folder.

    I donít know what is it but I tried searching it in my Installation CD, I dint found it. So I wanted to know to know from where can I get this for download? Thank you.

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    RE: Wavemix.inf missing from pinball folder

    I guess you might have attempted to remove Pinball game from the system which resulted in this error. Anyways, just follow the below steps to fix it out:

    1. Choose Start / Run / Copy+Paste the next line into the RUN box and press Enter.

    notepad %SystemRoot%\Inf\Sysoc.inf

    2. Now scroll down to the line that reads:
    Pinball=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,pinball.inf,HIDE,7 and delete the word HIDE from the line so it now reads:

    3. Click File / Exit and choose YES to save the changes you made to the file.

    4. Click Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add-Remove Programs and follow the instructions posted in the first paragraph to reinstall Pinball now that it's on the list. If it was not on the list, then you will be prompted for the Windows XP Setup disk.

    Hope it helps.

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    RE: Wavemix.inf missing from pinball folder

    Thank you very much for the help LeonL, that really worked.


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