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Thread: HP LaserJet stops Print Spooler SOLVED

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    HP LaserJet stops Print Spooler SOLVED

    I am having a Laserjet 1022mm printer here. I am installing this but it is not working properly. When I try to install the same I found that printer spooler is crashing instantly. I tried to update the proper driver from web but that does not worked. When I try to print I am getting a spooler error. I had simply tried to remove the printer first but it does not worked. First I thought the problem lies with Windows XP. But later on I found the issue is associated with some spooler service.

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    You can fix that through Control panel > Administrative Tools > Services. In that just search for printer spooler services. Right click on the same and choose properties. In that just check that it is configured on automatic. If it is disabled or set to manual then juts change that to automatic. Reboot your pc and then test back. When you print the spooler service will start which you can check in task manager and printer will start working.

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    Re: HP LaserJet stops Print Spooler SOLVED

    Thanks for posting this... solved my problem

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