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Thread: STOP: C000021a The windows logon process terminated unexpectedly

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    STOP: C000021a The windows logon process terminated unexpectedly

    I got an issue when I go to shut down or restart my computer. I am getting the below Blue Screen of Death:

    STOP: C000021a {Fatal System Error}

    The windows logon process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000005 (0x00000000 0x00000000)

    The system has been shut down.

    I am running Windows XP with SP3, can anyone tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks.

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    Re: STOP: C000021a The windows logon process terminated unexpectedly

    The error message that is listed in the "Symptoms" section of this article is often caused by pending file-rename operations that are scheduled in the Windows NT registry, but that cannot be completed. Programs or Setup programs may schedule a file to be renamed on the next restart of Windows NT if the program is prevented from renaming a file because the file is in memory. For more information, visit this website -

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    The STOP 0xC000021A error occurs when either Winlogon.exe or Csrss.exe fails. When the Windows NT kernel detects that either of these processes has stopped, it stops the system and raises the STOP 0xC000021A error. Check for more solutions here -

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    Not so much...

    I've seen several forums refer to that Microsoft aritcle for a fix to this problem. However detailed it may be, it's confusing to me. I'm trying to follow the steps as best I can, but I must be doing something wrong because it's not working at all. I can't get Drwtsn32.exe to run, I don't know how to find that registry key for the gina.dll from DOS. (because that's all I can get to is a C prompt in Windows Repair Module).

    The system boots... the Splash Screen comes up, then the screen goes black... and before the Welcome Screen can come up it auto restarts. This started after I got a virus and ran McAfee to remove it. Upon removal and reboot, it's a no go. I've run the chkdsk /r and tried copying the userinit files to avail. I can't just backup and reload this machine because I don't have all of the disks I need to reinstall some of the important software I have loaded. I need to fix this problem... not just backup and reload!

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