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Thread: "Nero burning rights" msg with winxp sp2 and nero ultra edition 6

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    "Nero burning rights" msg with winxp sp2 and nero ultra edition 6

    I am using Nero Ultra Edition 6 on my pc. I had updated the same from older one. But after that a new problem started appearing. The software is not able to detect my blank cds. I had created a number of video cd on the same. But it looks to be a bit issue with the same. The dvd drive has stopped reading any blank cd I insert. While it works fine with the other one. I am not able to burn movies on the cd here. What should I do here.

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    Try remove the tool first and then re-install it back again. It is right that there can be some problem with burn rights. Some internal utility is not able to read the disc due to which you are facing the problem. Just uninstall the same and then install it back again from scratch. Then test back. There are ample of third party dvd burners available in the market which you can use and test.

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    Yes I think re-installing the same will be more than enough to fix the problem. There is a tiny utility available on the web that fixes the problem. But if the same fails then you will need to simply re-install it from scratch and I think that will be fix the problem. You can get the latest edition from web. Do not update or install over existing. You must wipe out any existing installation and then install it back again.

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    Re: "Nero burning rights" msg with winxp sp2 and nero ultra edition 6

    i have the same problem, nero is working, on starting displays mesage about burn rights, and ofers only image writer for burn. i have the same problem on my laptop and on my pc and i am administrator on both of them so burn rights cant be a problem???????


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