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Thread: Lost wireless network connection on laptop

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    Lost wireless network connection on laptop

    One of my friend took my Dell laptop along with him as he was going outstation for a week. Earlier I was able to use my Home WiFi network on this laptop but after he came back the laptop is no more able to connect to the network. He said that on the tour he the connection was dropping automatically in every 10 to 15 minutes (Hotelís WiFi network). So he tried to make comes configurations and changed the settings.

    Thatís fine but now though I have tried configuring the network settings for my home wireless, it is not able to get online. Though the laptop is able to see the Wireless network and it shows connected but wont allow me to access Internet. This was not the problem before. Hope you guys can help me out.

    It is Windows XP Pro SP3 and Internet Explorer 7.

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    Re: Lost wireless network connection on laptop

    Hello Lanwench, as it is showing up connected, it could not be the problem with network card or something. To analyze the problem can you please post your ipconfig /all result here.

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    Re: Lost wireless network connection on laptop

    Yeah, the problem is somewhere in the settings itself. Can you make sure if it is setup to obtain ip automatically Under the TCP\IP properties? Also obtain DNS server address automatically. If not do this and problem will be solved.

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