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Thread: Desktop and Windows Explorer will not refresh

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    Desktop and Windows Explorer will not refresh

    I am using a windows xp pc here. I am having a laptop. When I start my pc it works fine for few couple of minutes. But suddenly it crashes when I try to open any web browser or application. Also when I try to go inside the C or D drive the same thing appear. I am stuck with the issue and not able to find any solution for the same. I am looking for some solution that can help me to fix the issue. I cannot open anything. While if I do nothing the system works fine.

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    Restart your pc and hit F8 ib start. You will see the advance boot menu. In that select Safe Mode. Go to Accessories > System tools > System Restore. Run system restore and then check back. I am sure that will be more than enough to fix the problem you are facing. It is not really complicated to fix the issue you are facing. Scan your pc for virus. There can be some threats in your pc which is causing the problem.

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    I too think it is a virus issue. System restore will only give you temporary fix. If Windows Explorer is not crashing in Safe Mode then just backup your data first. Backup everything and then go ahead with the troubleshooting stuff. You can use a good antivirus like Norton and then check back. That will be more proper to fix the issue. Scan your system multiple times and once nothing is detected then just boot your pc back in normal mode and check back.

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    RE: Desktop and Windows Explorer will not refresh

    I got the same issue a few week ago. The system just was not stable at all. I tried plenty of things but nothing worked. The last thing I did is simply formatted my pc and installed windows xp back from scratch. It worked fine. There was no issue at all. It is a bit complicated sometime to deal with such problem. The only thing you can do here is backup your data first as soon as you can and then go ahead with clean installation. That will be more appropriate.

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    Re: Desktop and Windows Explorer will not refresh

    You can run a repair setup of windows here. Just restart your pc and boot from Windows CD. In that hit R to run the repair setup. That will be more easier for you to fix the problem. The repair setup will just replace the damage system files without making any major changes of complete format. It is still recommended that you backup your data first and then go ahead with the setup. So that will be more simple for you to fix the problem you are facing.

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    I downloaded PCButts tool, and took a look at it before running it. It is just a batch file that re-registers the DLLs that already exist on your computer. Seemed pretty harmless. Ran it, and it fixed the problem, regardless of who originally wrote it.

    Windows desktop wouldn't refresh with out specifically requesting it.

    I suspect my 15 month old managed to change this setting by mashing on my keyboard.

    Just download the patch from Microsoft and restart.

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