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Thread: Re-installing Windows XP Without Original OS Disk

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    Re-installing Windows XP Without Original OS Disk

    I am having a laptop that has windows xp on the same. I need some help here to install the same back without xp cd. I am not having any disk for the same. And my laptop is simply working very slow. I hope there will be some way available by which I can re-install XP back again without the disc. I am not sure whether there is any recovery partition available in it. Is there any option available to locate the same.

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    Re: Re-installing Windows XP Without Original OS Disk

    You cannot just format your pc without xp disc. You will need to arrange one. And if you have an OEM edition of XP then it is recommended that you must contact the seller. The seller will be able to assist you in giving a proper cd that has XP in the same and you can then install it through that. Because if you format your pc without any disc then you will loose your existing license key. So better contact the vendor and then check back.

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    You can find the recovery partition through disk management. Just go in that and see if there is any hidden partition. The size of the same lies around 10GB or higher. To run the recovery you will need to read the laptop manual. It will give you information on the combination to launch the recovery process and it will work fine. Your system will be restored to the final factory settings. Once you got proper recovery option your system will work fine.

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