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    How To Format C Disk In My Laptop

    I am having MALWARE on my COMPAQ Presario V4125CL laptop. It has WINDOWS XP installed on the same. Now here I want to format my system and install xp back. But the system is asking for startup disk and I am not having floppy drive on my pc. What can I do to fix the issue. I need some help here to simply format my pc and install xp back. I am sure that would be much more helpfup in fixing the problem that I am facing on my system.

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    There is no need to use a floppy drive here. You can simply use a bootable xp cd and run the setup through that. That is simply helpful in fixing the problem you are facing. But if you are not having the installation cd then you can simply run a complete recovery back again. That is more helpful I think. You can hit some set of key combination from the bios itself which is a common feature of ample of laptops and run the complete recovery process. I am sure that will work more properly.

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    You can format your system by using a Windows XP cd. There is no need to use a floppy here. If you are not having the cd then just try to check in your laptop if there is any hidden partition in the system. Ample of branded system are having a recovery partition which has the complete operating system on the same. You just have to run the recovery that's all. But if that is not present then you have to format that manually and install everything one.

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