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Thread: how to restore msconfig?

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    how to restore msconfig?

    I was having some issue with my system. I called a customer care of dell and the tech guy said to go in msconfig and uncheck all the startup process. I untick everything and restarted the pc. Now when I click on any shortcut icon on the desktop it gives me a weird error. The error is that windows is not able to find C:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe. I am getting this error for every icon on the desktop. How to restore msconfig back.

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    Just run system restore. This will fix the problem. It will restore your old settings back. You have to untick all non microsoft applications. You can see a option below in msconfig which says hide all microsoft services. Once that is disabled you can then turn of other working applications also. System restore here will fix the old settings back but remember if there is any virus in your pc, it will be also restored. So do not forget to scan your system after doing this.

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    That error does not appear if you do any changes in msconfig. That error appear if the installed software in your system is missing or removed. You will have to check the same in control panel. System restore is a good solution here, but if that does not work then you can simply go run the setup of all applications one by one once again. That will be more appropriate in fixing the issue.

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    Re: how to restore msconfig?

    hi try this ......... it may help you out.
    start >> Run >> mmc >> OK >> this will open "Console1">> Hit "CTRL +
    M" >> This will open "ADD/REMOVE SNAP-IN" >> click "ADD" >> this will
    open "Add Standalone Snap-in" >> Select desired(msconfig.msc) >> get
    back with all "OK"s.

    Reply me if prob get solved....

    I tried that, MSCONFIG was not amongst list of Snap-ins.

    XP Home SP3

    (ooops, this thread goes back to 2008)
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    Re: how to restore msconfig?

    Quote Originally Posted by DemonDNF View Post
    I tried that, MSCONFIG was not amongst list of Snap-ins.

    XP Home SP3

    (ooops, this thread goes back to 2008)
    First of all, check whether you have the right version of msconfig.exe, by locating it from the below path:


    But could also be located here:


    And if you upgraded to Service Pack 1 for Windows XP, it may still be located here:


    If you still can't find it, you may have to expand the file from the Windows XP cdrom, although I don't know what CAB file msconfig.exe is in.

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    Re: how to restore msconfig?

    Thanks, I gave up on XP and jumped ship to Win 7 64bit.


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    Re: how to restore msconfig?

    Incase of any issue with msconfig.exe you can download and install this back again using Windows update. There is an separate update provided for this. It is an installer file which automatically locates msconfig to the actual location. The msconfig disables due to virus issues in your system. Better keep your antivirus update to date to avoid future issues.

    Windows XP (KB906569) - Install this update to add a Tools tab to the System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe).

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