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Thread: Processes (usually running explorer.exe) consuming 100% CPU time

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    Processes (usually running explorer.exe) consuming 100% CPU time

    My pc is getting freezing constantly. I am not able to get a proper fix for the same. It gets locked up on boot. There is some issue with the same. I tried to clear up al stuff from msconfig but that does not looks to be working fine. When I terminated explorer.exe then everything goes back to normal. I tried to remove some programs also but still the pc is not working well. It is just freezing on boot. It is really very annoying to handle the same.

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    Re: Processes (usually running explorer.exe) consuming 100% CPU time

    Looks like some issue with Windows Explorer. There is a tool available on the official Microsoft website that you can use to fix Explorer problem. It is called as Windows Explorer Shell Fix Tool. You can download this and install it in your pc. You can simply run it to fix the problem related to explorer crash. Try system restore also and then see what output you are getting. I am sure that will be enough to fix the problem.

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    I think your pc is having virus problem. That is why the cpu usage just goes above 100%. It is necessary that you must scan your system with a good antivirus and then check back. Scan under safe mode. That will be more helpful. If virus scanning does not help you much then you have to format your pc. Better take the data backup from your pc. Copy everything and then move ahead with clean installation.

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