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Thread: Screen resolution

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    Screen resolution

    I am having a HD Monitor. The screen size is 19inches. The maximum resolution that I get on the screen is 1280x1024. The screen output is simply great. But somehow I am not able to get optimum output on the same. When checked the resolution settings I had see that it is stuck on the lowest which is 800x600. While my regular crt monitors works fine. Does the monitor has some kind of settings or need some new drivers to get maximum resolution.

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    Re: Screen resolution

    You are getting those kind of issue because of outdated drivers. It is necessary that you update your system drivers and then check back. The video resolution mostly depend on the video memory of your pc. If it is limited or lower then you cannot expect a great output from the same. You can try adding a graphic card in your pc. It is more better. The gpu can offer you great video output and the performance will also be better. The issue of lowest resolution will be resolved.

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    Yes those are due to video driver. I got the same issue on my pc also. I was using a regular crt monitor which I replaced and bought a nice hd lcd monitor. The existing video memory was quiet weak due to which I was getting the same resolution which I got on the crt. I bought a budget gpu and installed on my pc and connected the monitor on it. It worked really fine. There is no issue with the resolution rightnow.

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    I've got the same problem, in the sence that the screen resolution is reset to a lower setting, which mainly happens during start up of the computer. I did install a new program before this all occurred, but what drivers am I supposed to update? And is this solely a matter of updating drivers or can it be a virus in the start up?

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