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Thread: num lock turns off at boot

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    num lock turns off at boot

    I had formatted my system recently and installed XP back from scratch. I am also adding a new hard drive in my system. On boot I found that the drive is not detected. So I tried to enter the bios. But the keyboard did not worked. First the light of num lock blinks and then it simply turn offs automatically. Even after pressing the del key a number of time the system just boot in XP. I am not able to enter bios. I changed the usb port also of my keyboard but still it did not worked.

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    Re: num lock turns off at boot

    You do not require to go inside bios to check whether the driver is detected or not. There is one more way of finding the same. Just right click on My Computer and click on Manage. In that just see the new hard drive is listed or not. It would be listed as raw format. You can simply right click on that and create a new partition. It is possible to create multiple partitions here. It is quiet easy and simple also.

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    You are facing the problem because usb keyboard is disabled from bios. You will need to find a ps2 keyboard. Connect the same to your pc and then enter bios. There you can go in Integrated Peripherals. In that you just need to select the usb device and enable the same. It is simply easy. But the only complicated part here is to arrange a ps2 keyboard. The usb keyboard will not work on boot unless it is enabled by default.

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