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Thread: spoolsv.exe and svchost.exe errors

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    spoolsv.exe and svchost.exe errors

    I recently ran a freeware registry cleaner program because my laptop was running slow even after defragmantation. After I did this, I started getting spoolsv.exe ("Oxffbadd11 referenced memory @ Oxffbadd11. The memory could not be read") and svchost.exe ("Ox7c911629 referenced memory @ Oxoo720065. Memory could not be written") application error messages and had to click OK to turn them off. The computer is now terribly slow, the internet will not connect and my DVD rom drive will not start up. CPU usage is at an acceptable level so I know that is not the problem for the lack of speed.

    I'm slightly over novice level at this, but not much. Any step- by-steps for me?


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    Re: spoolsv.exe and svchost.exe errors

    Try to run registry cleaner software. There are ample of free registry cleaners available on the web. You can simply use it to clean your system pending registry values. Also run disk cleanup. If this things does not work then one thing you can do is run system restore. It is a nice way of fixing number of problems. Through system restore you can get back your original working settings.

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    Go in event viewer. You can find more information on the problem you are facing. Such problem also appear in your system if there is any virus problem. It is necessary that you must clean your system by running some good anti-malware software. Run a full system scan under safe mode and then test back. I am sure that will be simply more than enough to fix the problem you are facing. System restore can give you temporary relief. The problem can appear back.

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    Still A Problem

    So I did a backup with the program. Didn't work. I did system restore several times going back farther and farther before the registry cleaner was installed. That was painful to watch as it was terribly slow. Still the same problem. Virus? Does not come up on scans, though.

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