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Thread: rundll file missing

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    rundll file missing

    Hi, I have laptop running Windows XP SP3. I bought this laptop about 1.5 year ago with preloaded windows hence donít have its installation CD with me. Now couple of days from somewhere my windows got affected with Virus. I updated my Avast Antivirus and performed complete scan. Avast found some virus and deleted with my permission. All fine so far.

    I rebooted the system and when it came back I received an error on my screen saying "Rundll file missing". Since then I keep getting this error several times. As I said I donít have Windows XP CD, there is no way for me to repair it. Can anyone here please tell me from where can I download this file? Any alternate way of fixing the error?

    Thanks for your helps.

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    Re: rundll file missing

    This is the problem with several AntiVirus programs. They just cannot figure out what they are deleting. However there might be possibility that rundll.exe file itself might have got infected due to which Avast detected it as virus or the file might have replaced with an infected file. So if you dont have the Cd just open Command Prompt and try running "sfc /scannow" command.

    This will repair the system files without CD as well. Note that there are possibilities that it may ask for the CD only if need to rebuild the dllcache folder. Good luck .

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    Re: rundll file missing

    I have few questions before i can suggest you any troubleshoot. Are you able to start windows bypasisng run.dll error? Did you tried booting in Safe Mode? Is it able to boot in Safe Mode without error messages?

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    Re: rundll file missing/2

    Hey guys even i am having a similar problem. In my case i have AVG antivirus installed recently and just after few days i started getting the following errors on boot up

    "The specified module could not be found. "error loading C\windows system32\ lbavwhbk.dll."

    And some times it gives the same error for another file that is "soiabhlj.dll". Even i dont have the installation CD as this system is bit old and i dont remember where do i have kept the CD.

    Seeking for some help. Thanks.

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    Re: rundll file missing/2

    Well the above mentioned error appears when your security suit detects virus or malware and if that file is still present in the registry. In such cases you need to go to Registry editor by entering ďREGEDITĒ in Start > RUN. Once registry editor is opened press F3 key to bring up the search box and type the names of those files. Once you find, delete them.

    Instead of deleting them better export the files/keys to desktop and see if the problem is solved. If not, you can restore them back by double clicking those registry files.

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    Re: rundll file missing/2

    Thank you very much for the help Jacob. That really fixed the problem.

    I dint new it was so easy. Help appreciated.

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    trojan help please

    HI, when I start my windows live messenger, I get the warning saying windows live essentials has detected a trojan and it needs to clean my computer so I check clean then its fine however some things are not working as they did before such as running a scan sometimes it works and other times I have to restart my laptop, could this just be a problem with messenger? thanks for your help, also I got the "run DLL a few times but not always and my laptop crashes alot now

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