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Thread: Display Problem -window Disappears on Minimize

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    Display Problem -window Disappears on Minimize

    Am taking about an app I have installed on my Windows XP. When I launch it, it opens in fullscreen and when I click on middle box icon (out of 3 icons) to Restore Down it simply gets minimized to the task bar and wont run in Restore Down mode. It simple words I can run this program only in Maximized or FullScreen.

    I don’t know what could be the reason and how to fix the same. Can you guys help ?

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    Re: Display Problem -window Disappears on Minimize

    Am not sure about the reason but most probably could be due to its registry entry corruption. Hence it disappears of the screen when Restore down. Anyway, what you can do is, right click on Taskbar and select Cascade Windows. If there are more than 1 programs opened, press Alt+tab and select that particular program. Now press Alt+Spacebar and tap on key “M”. by doing this you lock that windows with mouse pointer and can move it wherever you want. Get it in the middle and left click the mouse. See what happens.

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    Re: ATT: ELMO - Display Problem -window Disappears on Minimize

    Thanks a lot ApPy10, that really worked for me well. But the problem is it only works until I close the program for that session. Next time when I launch the program, again the same problem. Unable to Restore Down the same.

    Isn’t there any permanent fix for the same ?

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    Re: ATT: ELMO - Display Problem -window Disappears on Minimize

    I was having exactly the same problem with a program (I don’t remember which one was it), was able to fix it permanently in few minutes. When I started troubleshooting the same I came through an option within the program that was named something like “remember window size”.

    By default its value was set to 0 (False) that was making it work only in Fullscreen mode. I did changed it to 1 (true) and since than I was able change its window size as per my preference. See if you have any such option for you.

    If it is not there, than talking about the cause of problem, it may be because the app is losing its location parameters. In such cases the only thing I can suggest you is to try re-installing the program from scratch again. This could help.

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    Same Problem

    Nightsky ~

    I am having the same problem. However, you didn't mention where you found the option in the program to change the window size. Could you point me in the right direction.

    ~ binarygirl

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    Re: Display Problem -window Disappears on Minimize

    As Elmo said:
    - Right-click the Taskbar, click "Cascade Windows".
    - With the window open, press Alt/Spacebar, press "M", press a cursor
    key. That will lock the window to the mouse pointer. Position the
    window, click the mouse.
    I'd like to add to this that if the app windows is completely off the screen (which is why it's not appearing), you can't use the mouse to reposition it but you CAN use the arrow keys. Just keeping trying the four directions until part of the app windows appears.


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