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Thread: XP Service Pack 3 CRASH

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    XP Service Pack 3 CRASH

    Just recently this pc was working fine after doing a format and reinstallation of Windows XP. After that Windows Update went to install Service Pack 3 update directly and everything was going fine until it restarted. The booting stopped about half way and then auto restarted at booting in a continuous loop. I went into Safe Mode and used System Restore to get back and it seems to work now. Does anyone have some clue what is missing here?

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    Hi. Just happened to me too. We could go see what information Microsoft is offering in their forums, OR we could just do what we did when I worked in tech support for Dell and a new update was released (example: The problems with IE7 when it was released) We would say, "uninstall the application and wait for Microsoft to release a more stable version". I guess part of the release process is unleashing it on the public then confronting issues as they come up. I did the same as you guys>SAFE MODE> SYSTEM RESTORE and taht's where I'll stay for now. I'm going to wait another month or so before I install SP3 (if I do at all!) I dont want the anxiety of data loss again!

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    I've had the same problem, repeatedly.

    All I am trying to do is a simple "windows update" from Internet Explorer. I like to do these every 3 months or so to keep my computer updated. This XP Service Pack 3 shows to be a "critical update" that my machine must have apparently.. The last 6 months, every time I try - when it goes to restart, it won't boot - UNLESS I boot up in safe mode. When I get into safe mode, I do a system restore to the previous point, and my machine boots up normally.

    So, with me, it's every time I try to do "Windows Update." and I do this in auto mode, it automatically selects
    Maybe what I should do is OMIT the Service Pack 3 - get the other "critical updates" except Service Pack 3.
    Any feedback on this?
    Any one have any suggestions?

    Thanks for any response..

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    Check the article on "How to download Windows XP SP3" from this link -

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    I'm running a DELL dimension 8300 desktop with winXP SP3, I just started getting spontanious crashes, sometime while booting, WTF is going on, does anyone know.
    System specs. (upgraded)

    Cpu: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz.
    Ram:2GB DDR sdram
    HDD: 80GB
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 128MB
    Power Supply: 400Watt ATX 20 pin main connector
    Wifi card 2.4Ghz. N type
    Ethernet 10/100
    56k Modem: unknown model
    DVD Rom drive
    Floppy Drive: HP 3.5 diskette
    MoBo: unknown model
    Audio: Audigy Sound Blaster 2-5.1 surround capable
    All Dell drivers, and peripheral drivers all installed correctly

    I'm running in safe mode as we speak, any other way this POS crashes at the drop of a hat.
    Media Player 11 doesn't work either. (good thing I have MP3 player)
    A lot of other programs both downloaded, and stock are malfunctioning too.
    Internet Explore for example. I'm using Mozilla right now, its all that is working properly.

    WTF! what going on with my system? I love my computer, I hate to see it sick like this.

    Virus scan yielded nothing, "Auslogic's booster software" is installed, and is "unable to fix quite a few registry errors", I don't want to re-install, I've got nothing to backup my data.


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    Re: XP Service Pack 3 CRASH

    Don't bother with Going to, they're ending support for WinXP SP2 April 13 2010,
    How long before The axe come down on SP3 which is what I'm Running, but as soon as my system Has its hardware upgrades, I'll be using Win7, or even Linux.
    I've about had it with "Mirosoft Corp." They're making nothing but CRAP these days.

    (kmpdx) said "We could go see what information Microsoft is offering in their forums,"

    I say...Don't bother, I've been there already. The Corperate Bureaucrats!

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