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Thread: Rise of Nations xml problem

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    Rise of Nations xml problem

    Hi i just bought RoN a few days ago and im having a problem with the expansion. i can start the game just fine but when i try to host a game via gamespy arcade i get error messages that say: "translated_string.xml not loaded. File missing?", "internet_string.xml not loaded. File missing?", and "Serious Watson Error 7". Can anyone help me out??

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    Re: Rise of Nations xml problem

    Try to install it again

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    Hey guys I was reading this chain and I've got a problem myself. You see, I bought the CD and installed it on my desktop, but then I lost the CD. I thought that a No-CD crack would fix this, but it seems that you need to reinstall the program for it to work, and obviously I can't reinstall the program without the CD. Any ideas?

    Anyone, plz? Its been really nagging me. All the No-CD cracks I find don't work without reinstalling the game, which obviously requires the CD. This kind of defeats the purpose of a No-CD crack, as a No-CD crack is meant to mean No-CD needed!!!

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    Re: Rise of Nations xml problem

    I cannot say for sure that a no-cd crack thats meant for reinstalling a game. So, it surely means that you are not pirating the game. In any case you can but another copy and see if that works.

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