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Thread: mshtml.dll problem

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    mshtml.dll problem

    There are few kids at my home who use this windows XP computer to visit Webkinz site. Since yesterday they are facing some problems while going to Webkinz. Actually the main page of this site loads fine without any problem but when they go to login page, it won’t loads. I check the same on my laptop on the same network and it is working fine there, but problem on while using desktop. So it sure the problem is not with the site but with this computer.

    I tried searching help on both Webkinz and Microsoft sites, found few fixes but none of them helped so far. Later I tried registering few DLL files during which I received an error saying:

    “mshtml.dll was loaded, but the Dll register Server entry point was not found. This file cannot be loaded.”

    I have no idea what is this error about but I guess this is the cause of problem. So can anyone please provide some info and fix for the same? We are using Internet Explorer 7. Thank you.

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    Re: mshtml.dll problem

    Internet Explorer stops responding after you click a link on a Web site:

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    RE: mshtml.dll problem

    Probably there would have been some problem with registry or any dll file. So i guess this can be easily fixed by restoring the system to any previous working restore point. Apart from that i think you should also check the following article:

    Internet Explorer 7 may exit immediately when it includes an add-on and you start it in Windows XP or in Windows Server 2003

    BUG: DHTML Page Designer: Cannot find the Mshtml.hlp file

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