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Thread: Microsoft Management Console

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    Microsoft Management Console

    I need some help here to re-install Microsoft Management Console and Disk Defragmenter. I am facing a bit issue with the usage. It is not working fine. So I want to install the same back again. There are ample of things which failed to work and causing the problem. My system is having some bugs. I cannot format it completely. Through some online articles I found that the if you go with proper defragmentation you can gain a bit performance. But things are not like that.

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    Re: Microsoft Management Console

    You cannot just re-install those things. Those are internal components and there is no way available in Windows by which you can un-install them or install it back. All you can do is find similar third party application and use it same like you use the internal utilities. The benefit of using third party app is it offers you additional benefits over the existing. So you can get more advance help through them.

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    You can run system restore here. You can use a old date which is having active settings to fix your pc problem. That is one of the best way to fix the problem. If system restore does not work then you can run a repair setup of windows. It is also much ore easier. Before doing all this stuff I will recommend you to take proper data backup. Repair setup usually does not effect the data but still to stay on the safer side it is recommended.

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