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Thread: Computer Won't Hibernate

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    I have got a Sony laptop which is running on Windows XP. I dont know when this problem started, but just sometime back I noticed that it will not hibernate. When I click on the hibernate button the the system goes to the "preparing to hibernate screen" and then goes back to the normal windows screen. Also, the computer will not hibernate on its own if the power management properties are set for it to go into hibernation after so long. The laptop will go into standby mode properly. I have also run antivirus software on this pc but everything seems to be clean. Can anyone give me some ideas how to solve this issue? Thanks.

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    You might be having a corrupt copy of the 'C:\hiberfil.sys' file. This is created each time when you hibernate a pc. So, you will have to turn off hibernation and then restart and then turn it back on and check the Power options in Control Panel for hibernation mode again.

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    Re: Computer Won't Hibernate

    I am having the same problem. Hibernate was working fine. I use it all of the time. I have run virus scans and found some. They have been removed. I have attempted resetting hibernate using these instructions, but it didn't work. Do you have any other ideas about clearing this issue up?

    System Info:
    HP Pavilion DV-8000
    Windows XP (ver 2002, Svc Pk 3)

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    Re: Computer Won't Hibernate

    I had the same problem but just fixed it. It was a piece of software called bonjour, it wasn't it the add/remove part but was under the services. I just disabled that, stopped the service and now, all is good.

    If you don't have bonjour, I suggest you control, alt, delete, to pull up task manager, and under processes, look through them and do a google search on ones you have no idea what they are. Some times it gonna take a little elbow grease till you find out what the problem is.

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