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Thread: How to repair XP Pro OS WITHOUT Loosing existing data

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    How to repair XP Pro OS WITHOUT Loosing existing data

    My laptop does not boot at all. It is having some issue with Windows XP boot screen. When I try to start the same it crashes and then reboot back. I tried a number of way to fix the issue. The same issue does not occur in safe mode. But in the normal mode it looks some app is causing the problem. I am not really sure about virus thing also. I hope there will be some option available that can help me to fix the problem.

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    Re: How to repair XP Pro OS WITHOUT Loosing existing data

    The first and most important thing you have to do is to simply backup your data. It is more important. If you do not backup your data and your system stops working then you will loose everything. You can go in safe mode and put your system on full system scan. There is one place where you can find information on the problem. Go inside Event Viewer. In that check for the current crashes and updates and post the information here.

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    Try to remove some recently installed applications and then check back. Go in add/remove program and remove all existing applications from the same. If still the issue appear then you can try one more thing. Just run Repair setup of Windows and then test back. You can use the bootable disc of windows and perform a repair setup. That will be more easier for you to fix the problem and restore windows back.

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