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Thread: Configure USB Port for Printing

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    Re: Configure USB Port for Printing

    Hi, I came here today to provide information how we can configure USB port for printing. I was trying to figure it out since past couple of days and finally managed to do the same. If your printer is already connected to any USB port on your computer, simply go to Start , open control panel and open Printers and Faxes. Hopefully your printer should be listed here. Right click the same and select Properties. Go to Ports Tab and change it to a USB port. Thatís it.

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    Hello Lynette, i need a similar kind of help. I bought a new Lexmark 4270 All-N-One fax/printer/scanner recently and configured it with my Windows XP system. It worked fine fore couple of days but now stopped working automatically.I uninstalled its software and re-installed. Later when i tried to print a Test Page, i received an error message saying "Port is not configured properly."

    To troubleshoot the same, i went into printer properties > port TAB and found the printer assigned to lpt1. Now the instructions you mentioned above wont work for me. Can you please tell me if there is anyway i can configure lpt1 to accept commands for the USB port/printer?

    I tried searching this on web but dint found any working solution. Hope i get some help from here. Many Thanks.

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    Re: Configure USB Port for Printing

    As far as i know most of the printers coming now a days in the market that offer USB printing are capable to configure their own enhanced printer port (DOT?????) But in case where these printers does not find printer port, you can simply fix this by re-installing their drivers. Go to your printer model's official web page and download the most recent drivers. Install it and the problem should go away.

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    I have the same problem with a Toshiba DP80F. When I want to print the test page I get the error message "invalid port no in line 47 DP80F.DEV". This line says "port=LPT1". But even if I change it to "port=USB001 (that is what my system offers when I install the printer" it does not work. Does anybody know what I should type here instead? (Windows XP, Notebook Samsung P55)
    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: Configure USB Port for Printing

    Are you sure its a USB connection. I looked at the manual and it shows a Parallel port on the side of the printer/fax unit?

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