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Thread: Sound, Video, Game controllers (Drivers)

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    Sound, Video, Game controllers (Drivers)

    I am having a Dell Dimension 8200 pc. I am using Windows XP SP2 on the same. Now it was working fine. I just bought a sound card and webcam recently. I am facing a issue with installation. The sound card that I bought is TBS Santa Cruz Sound Card and camera is Logitech Orbit AF Webcam. After connecting them it looks like they are installed. I tried to use the web cam but it did not worked. Later on I checked in Device Manager where I found that the issue lies with drivers. There is a exclamation sign on the same.

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    Re: Sound, Video, Game controllers (Drivers)

    You will need to download drivers for those thing. Did you got any cd in the package. If yes then use them to install the drivers. Or else you can try one more thing. You can visit the official website of the hardware manufacturer and locate new drivers. You can install them and check back. That is another easy of installing drivers. Unless your system is not having appropriate drivers you will keep on facing the problem.

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    Re: Sound, Video, Game controllers (Drivers)

    Go in Device Manager and right click on the hardware with exclamation mark. Choose update drivers. Select automatic and click on next. Windows might try to locate the drivers for the same via Windows Update. I was able to use my old hardware through this process and it worked. But if it does not work then as mentioned above go in the official site of hardware manufacturer and download the driver one by one.

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    There are some tools like Driver Detective. You can use this kind of software to install fresh drivers in your pc. It is great for outdated hardware. The software just scan your pc for pending hardware. Then it simply download the fresh driver from its huge database. In this way I was able to use webcam. If your hardware is not very old then there are full chances of getting drivers on web.

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