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    I have Windows XP in my pc and just few days back, it is prompting me to select which appplication to use when opening any software? If I am trying to update using Windows Update, then it will ask me to download and then a box appears asking to save, which I do, and then the Windows ask me which app to use that pops up again? I am also getting a message "windows/system32/rundll32.exe application not found." Any ideas?

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    Re: Rundll32.exe

    You can download a BAT file (zipped) that will restore all of the "default" associations that XP ships with. It will not restore those file associations created by 3rd party applications. The BAT file can be downloaded HERE -

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    Thanks for the reply. If I enter CMD in run, then I am getting the drop and down window asking which app to use? Since I didnt know what to use from browse I choose IE. After that a pop up window gives me the option t run without saving, which is the same problem. So is there any other way? Thanks.

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