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Thread: Movie Maker: Audio Stops Playing?

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    Movie Maker: Audio Stops Playing?

    I have created a movie in Windows Movie Maker using several video clips taken by my smartphone. All original videos has their original audio and are working fine. But when imported in Movie Maker, created Movie, at some point the audio stops working. For example at the duration of 1 minute the Audio stops playing, tough there is Audio in original file. And after 30 seconds Audio starts working fine. If I move the timeline tracker back a little lets says at duration of 55 seconds, the audio works fine where it stopped working earlier.

    So its clear that there is no problem in the clips but in Windows Movie Maker itself. The audio stops several times during this movie which is about 23 minutes long. Do you guys have any idea what could be the problem? Please help.

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    Re: Movie Maker: Audio Stops Playing?

    The very first thing I would like to know is whether you have saved the movie or you talking about the Project file? Such problem may occur if you are playing the project. So, first Save the complete movie on your hard disk and then try to play the same in Windows Media Player or VLC. See if you still get the same problem.

    For more help on Windows Movie Maker, check out these useful articles:

    Movie Maker 2 - Saving Movies - Custom WMV Profiles

    Creating Custom Profiles for Windows Movie Maker 2

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    Re: Movie Maker: Audio Stops Playing?

    Thanks for the help Winckle. Let me explain the complete scenario. I created this move two days, burned/saved it on a CD without checking the Audio. When i played the CD I noticed that audio is breaking in between hence i re-opened the Project and Movie Maker again and noticed the same audio problem at exactly the same stage as in the CD. That was how I found out there was something wrong with the audio.

    Now what?

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    Re: Movie Maker: Audio Stops Playing?

    Alright, then this is clearly incompatible problem with Movie maker and your original video clips. For you information following are the file types which work without any problem in Windows Movie Maker:
    Video - DV-AVI or WMV
    Music/Audio - WAV, WMA or WMV
    Stills/Pictures - Bitmap

    And these are the source file format which can create some problems in your movies:
    Video - Mpeg, MOV, Mjpeg and divx-avi
    Music/Audio - MP3
    Stills/Pictures - Jpeg

    If your original video clips are from above incompatible extension list you will need to fix the same. First convert them to any compatible video format and then import in Windows Movie Maker.

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