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    Xp Pro Product Id Not Valid

    I am facing a bit trouble with Windows XP installation. My pc has face lots of virus issue due to which I was planing to format it completely. I tried a number of ways to wipe out the virus but it did not worked. Still there is huge number of trojan in the same. So I formatted the system and wiped out everything. When I install XP back again it is giving me issue with the license key. When I enter the key in that it is giving me error that the product id is not valid. It is not proper at all. What should I do. The key is exactly the same which I was using before.

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    From where you got that product id. Is it printed on the cd or on the system itself. It is necessary that you must check the key properly. You might be typing it wrong or missing some letters from that due to which you are getting the error. You can simply check the key first and then go ahead with the activation process. In most of the OEM system the key is restored through recovery process.

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