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Thread: Solution found for Slow Hibernate

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    Solution found for Slow Hibernate

    Since past few weeks I was facing problem with my Windows XP Homeís Hybernation. Whenever I tried to hibernate the system it use to take atleast 8 minutes to complete the process. After searching lot on the web and troubleshooting it on my own, finally I found the solution. Hence thought to share here so that it can help other users as well who are struggling with slow hibernation.

    Just what you need to do is Enable (or re-enable if disabled) your systemís 'write cache'. You can do this by going to My Computer / C drive / Properties / Hardware / double click on hard drive / Policies / and check the Enable write caching box. Mine was disabled and as soon as I enabled, my hibernation is done in less than 3 seconds.

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    The problem of slow hibernation has been pestering me for over a month ... I looked at the Policies of all three hard drives in my system, and in every case, the "Optimize for performance" option was checked (and the "Optimized for quick removal was unchecked), however, in every case the text for both options was a light gray color, as if to indicate that the option didn't really apply.

    Any suggestions ??

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    Re: Solution found for Slow Hibernate

    When u do this what happen is machine never writes data to cache.It means it cause of data lost and HDD access rate slow. Windows Recommended Write on the cache

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