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Thread: mp4 into movie maker.

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    mp4 into movie maker.

    I need some help with Windows Movie Maker. I am having a Sanyo handy cam with me. I had recorded some videos on it in vacation. There are more than 50 clips on it. I had imported all of them in My Videos. Now I want to import them in Movie Maker. I tried but it did not worked. It looks the Movie Maker tool is having some issue with the mp4 files. What are the options available here by which I can simply get all the files working in Movie Maker tool.

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    Movie maker does not supports MP4 file. You will have to download a good audio converter from web. There are ample of them available. Download a good audio converter and convert your all files to WMM. And then import them in move maker. Once you are done with your movie editing job you can simply publish a mp4 file out of it. It is the most convenient way to fix the issue that you are facing and also very easy to use.

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    That is right. Movie maker has some issue with other file formats while it works really well with WMM. I got the same issue with my sony handycam. I had captured many movies on it. But after copying them inside My Videos I was simply unable to import the same inside Movie Maker. I converted all those files to wmm using mp4 to wmm convertor. The quality was a bit compromised but it is not visible. I created a standard video at the end that worked well.

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    That is why I had switched to another movie editor tool. I am using the one from Corel which has ample of file format support. When you convert the videos to some other format depending on the converter your video quality is compromised. Sometime it is more effected and quiet dull. It is essential that you must simply use the best converter to get a better output or else the video quality will be poor.

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