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Thread: Where to download MovieMaker for WinXP?

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    Where to download MovieMaker for WinXP?

    I am looking for movie maker for windows xp. I had seen the same in Vista laptop that I had purchased recently. I went on web to find the download, but ample of downloads are only available for vista edition. I tried to install the same on my pc but it did not worked. I am looking for an appropriate download site that can give me the direct link of movie maker which is compatible with windows xp. If that is not available then is there a good alternative available which I can use in the place of Movie Maker.

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    It usually comes pre-installed on Windows XP. But if you are unable to find that then you can download that from ample of third party website. Even Microsoft also provides a direct download of Movie Maker. It is a basic video edition software that comes with some limitation. But somehow I am also looking for an advance tool that can offer more additional options for movie editing. The movie maker has less options but it is simply effective.

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    I am going to provide you a directly download link for what you are looking for. Check the url below. Just download the files and simply install it in your system. Depending on the OS version you can download the file and run the setup. That is quiet easy. There is another tool available which is called as Audacity. It has a basic interface but also it has some advance option compare to movie maker. It is a great tool for video and audio processing.

    Windows Movie Maker Download

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    Re: Where to download MovieMaker for WinXP?

    I do not think there is any tool available which can simply replace Movie Maker. It might be basic but it has a very simple to use option for creating movies. But it is a bit low on the transition effects. If you want really advance tool that you can find something under Corel Draw or Roxio. This are two products which offers a advance solution in video editing and I find it really reasonable. Just check out the trail products and use them. But they are also resource intensive on the same hand.

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    There is no really great difference between the movie maker of windows vista and windows xp. I had used both of them. I found movie maker a more of slideshow making software. Where you can manage the clips and use it more properly. Movie Maker by default comes integrated in windows xp. All you need is to simply re-install it. It is a feature of XP. Some tools that I found which are quiet similar to movie maker and works fine is Pinnacle studio and some tools by Corel.

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