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Thread: How to boot computer to command prompt??

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    How to boot computer to command prompt??

    I have a Windows XP running Desktop with SP3. Due to some small troubleshooting I tried booting into Safe Mode using MS Config Tool. Made changes in MS Config to boot in safe mode and restarted the system. I heard the RAM beep of rebooting and hard disk started spinning but the problem is my display remained Black during the safe mode boot. I am having a TFT monitor.

    Now the problem is how can change my system settings to boot into normal mode if the display is black. I donít have any boot cd or live CD. So I wonder if there is any key combination we can use during windows boot up which can bring up the system to command prompt from where I can make the necessary changes like removing /safeboot switch to make the computer boot in normal mode?

    Please help.

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    Re: How to boot computer to command prompt??

    Well you dont need any boot CD or Key combination to do the same. Just reboot your system and as soon as BIOS screen passes keep tapping F8 key to bring up the Boot Menu screen. Here simply select 'safe mode with command prompt'. Thats it. Now you can boot.ini and remove the "... /SAFEBOOT argument from the appropriate line in [operating systems]. Hope that helps.

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    Re: How to boot computer to command prompt??

    Dont you have your XP Installation Disc? If yes, you can boot the using the same and go to Recovery console to access teh command prompt. That is the most easiest way to get to XP's command prompt

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