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Thread: NO Sound Need "Microsoft UAA bus driver for high definition audio

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    NO Sound Need "Microsoft UAA bus driver for high definition audio

    I am facing a sound issue on my system. The audio is not working. I checked in device manager and found that there is some problem with Microsoft UAA bus driver. I tried location the update of driver from web but somehow it is not available. I am having a hp computer. While in my system Realtek ALC888s looks like is installed already. I need some help here to collect the most latest driver updates and configure it on my system. Can anyone here help me on the problem.

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    Re: NO Sound Need "Microsoft UAA bus driver for high definition audio

    Run windows update and see what you get. Ample of driver issues are simply fixed after running windows update. I am giving you a link below that has ample of information on the driver you are looking for. Based on the file you can simply download the proper file and run that in your system. I am sure it will work fine.

    Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver version 1.0a

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