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Thread: auto refresh Windows Explorer

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    auto refresh Windows Explorer

    I recently assembled a new PC and installed Windows XP SP2 on the same. Everything went fine but there is a problem with its auto refresh. For example if a folder is containing suppose more than 100 eps or tiff files and if want to search anything in this folder, it takes about 10 to 15 seconds to actually start the search and until then the screen goes black.

    Do anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem and how can get rid of the same? Thank you.

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    Re: auto refresh Windows Explorer

    It is probably a registry problem. Some kind of conflict. What you can do is simply download and run this .reg file to fix it yoruself : Prevent Automatic Folder and Icon Refresh. When double click this file to run, it will promt for permission, click Yes to move ahead.

    Maybe this will help.

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    Re: auto refresh Windows Explorer

    Thank you very much for the help IRVING. I made all required changes in the registry values as mentioned in the above topic "Prevent Automatic
    Folder and Icon Refresh" but seems like i am still struggling with the same problem. but that doesn't solve my problem.

    Any other idea.

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