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Thread: svchost.exe is taking most of my CPU usage

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    svchost.exe is taking most of my CPU usage

    Hi, this is Windows XP SP3 based HP Laptop. Since last couple of days I am noticing my system is getting slower and slower day by day. After doing some troubleshoot I found that a process svchost.exe is eating up a huge memory and resources alone. Once I killed it the system became normal. So it was svchost.exe slowing down my PC.

    Now the problem is it keeps appearing again and again and slowing down the system. I need to kill it more than 10 times a day to keep my system normal. Can anyone please tell me what is it related to and how can I get rid of the same permanently? Many Thanks.

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    Re: svchost.exe is taking most of my CPU usage

    In order to troubleshoot this problem you will need to download a tool called Process Explorer: You can download the same from here
    • Once installed open Process Explorer and go to taskbar.
    • Select View and check 'Show Process Tree' and 'Show Lower Pane' options.
    • Now expand the process named 'Explorer' (click on the + sign)
    • In the column on the left named 'CPU', look for any high CPU usage.
    • Next click on the CPU column to sort the processes by %CPU usage (Highest to Lowest).
    • Then click on the process that's using most or all the CPU % to highlight it,
    • Now that it's highlighted, right click and from the options listed select: Search Online
    • This should display what out there on the web about that process.
    • You can also double click on any process to open up a more detailed 'Properties' window.

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