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Thread: Automatic wakeup from hibernate

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    Automatic wakeup from hibernate

    I need some help with hibernation. My system when in hibernate modes awake automatically. I checked that in event log. I keep the system on hibernation in night. But when I checked the log report I found that the system wakes up in the mid night. There is no background service or any specific application installed which can do this. I am not able to find anything here. I am having some task but they are configured to run in morning.

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    Looks lime some kind of power issue in the bios itself due to which you are getting the problem. It is necessary that you must simply check the power settings first. Try to disable wake on settings and then check back. It does not turn on automatically unless any thing is interrupting the hibernation. You can also reconfigure the power scheme and then check back again. I am sure that will be more than enough to deal with the problem you are facing.

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    Even I think the same. The issue usually lies in the bios. If hibernate feature is turned off and this kind of issue appear. Sometime it can be also associated with the battery. You will need to check whether the battery output is better or not. Ample of time due to power issue hibernation or sleep mode does not work well. It is better to turn off the system completely to avoid any further errors. It will be better if you go in bios and check out everything and see what you get.

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