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Thread: Rebuild RAID Mirror

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    Rebuild RAID Mirror

    I have setup my pc with similar hard drives as a Raid mirror. I dont know what happened because at someday I lost the mirror for some reason. I think I have played by moving the wires from one controller to another. Now they will not be on the same pair. I am able to see that they are showing as Drive 0 with one on the Primary ATA Channel and the other on the Secondary Channel. Also, the 2nd drive was showing itself as the E drive and has been working fine and the drive is also healthy. Now I am trying to put it back as a mirror of the C: drive. so, in the disk management window I set it as a Dynamic Drive but it is listed as a Simple drive. I purged all the data from it so that it must be empty. After that I delete the Volume and it now is listed as New Volume and has no drive letter. As per the Windows Help, I must be able to click on Add Mirror, but this option is not available to me? What am I suppose to do now? Help

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    Re: Rebuild RAID Mirror

    I think that you should return the drive connectiosn to where they were and you will have to never move them once an array is established, and after that go into Raid Controller bios and rebuild the array.

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    I guess that when you use a Dynamic type hard drive setting, then it would mean that you are using software Raid. The software raid does not use any type of dedicated hardware controller.

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