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Thread: Windows Explorer Slow To Access Particular Folder

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    Windows Explorer Slow To Access Particular Folder

    Transferring file from one folder to another is extremely slow. I am having more than 2000 photos on a single folder. When I copy the file to another folder it is taking ages to complete. Things were never slow like this. Each photos is around 100 to 500kb in size. So that is not at all large file. The file names are based on the number. How can I make this faster. While when I try to open large files on the same it is taking too much time to open.

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    Re: Windows Explorer Slow To Access Particular Folder

    Looks like slow hard drive. The issue can also lie with Windows. You can simply re-install to boost the performance. Or just ensure that when you are transferring the file ensure that there are not background services running. You can use software like TeraCopy which is available for free to transfer file at much faster rate. There are some hard drive testing software that gives you information on the drive health. If the drive keeps on getting slower then it looks the drive is getting older and it is time to upgrade.

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