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Thread: 0x80040707 error while installing printer

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    0x80040707 error while installing printer

    I have Windows XP and I am trying to install a Brother MFC-240C printer. Half way through installation I get a 0x80040707 DLL function call crashed: BRADDPRT.checklocalport error.

    When I access my print/fax option from the control panel, there is nothing there. If I select add printer, I get an operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running error.

    I have went into services under the adminstrative panel and made sure the print spooler was set to automatic which it is, I also tried to start it on my own and I would get an Error: 1068 The dependency service or group failed to start.

    I also received a spooler error a couple months ago when trying to install WinFax Pro.

    I have had a brother printer on this PC a few months ago and it worked just fine.

    Could someone please help me with this...

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    RE: 0x80040707 error while installing printer

    Hello heavensdew, you just need to restart the spooler service and problem will be solved. You can do this by going to start > run > type "services.msc", press Enter. Select the printer spooler click recovery, on the recovery Tab make sure to set 1st, 2nd and subsequent failures to "Restart the service". Also under Startup Type option, set it to Automatic. Now reboot the system and you will be done.

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    I had the same problem trying to install the software for my Brother printer. I used option 1 and holy crap, it worked! Thanks so much for the info.

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