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Thread: Error 1325 'Documents' is not a valid short file name

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    Error 1325 'Documents' is not a valid short file name

    I am continuously getting the above error on serveral applications. I have tried to run the fix called msicuu2.exe but even that will not install. Can anyone tell me a way to solve this error instead of reinstalling Windows? I am on Windows XP by the way. Thanks

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    Have you tried to save your data in "My Documents" instead and see if that works.

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    What application are you trying to install, can you let us know so that we can diagnose the issue. In the meanwhile check the article made on ""Error 1325 - File name is not a valid short file name" error message after you reinstall Office to a new drive" from this link -

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    I have finally solved this issue. The pen drive that I was using changed some setting in the registry to point to it for history, favorites, etc. I changed them back to C: and everything seems to be working now. Thanks

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    Re: Error 1325 'Documents' is not a valid short file name

    Can you also tell me the method what you did to make changes in your registry? I am getting the same problem which is very annoying. Please help me out? Thanks

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    Error 1325: 'Documents' is not a valid short file name ... Registry Editing Instructions

    If you are still having the problem, this was my solution, as My U3 device changed some settings in my registry that caused the same error:

    Warning ... registry tampering can be HARMFUL!!!!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!
    If you are even slightly queasy at messing with the registry, DON'T!!!


    Otherwise continue as listed below, Remember these instructions assume that you are comfortable with computers and experienced in messing with things like this.

    Create a system restore point:
    Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore and create a new restore point.

    Start the registry editing process:
    Start->Run->Type: 'regedit'
    Registry editor window opens
    Press: 'Ctrl-F' to open search window
    Type: '\Documents\' to search for registry values of this type
    This will highlight the area where the value contains the searched string.

    In mine it was found under the explorer user shell folders for the History, Favorites, Cache, Cookies, etc. and the values looked something like this:

    SO I found the Backup_Favorites which had this value:

    And I copied this and pasted it into the value for Favorites.
    so that the registry looked like this

    Favorites %USERPROFILE%\Favorites
    and not:
    Favorites J:\Documents\CruzerSyncData\Favorites

    I repeated this for the History, Favorites, Cache, Cookies, etc by simply replacing the values containing "\Documents\" with the values from the backups. There were a couple that had different end codes and I simply maintained those and replaced the initial part containing the "J:\Documents\CruzerSyncData\" with %USERPROFILE%.

    After I changed all of the values that showed up using the search " \Documents\ " I was immediately able to install msicuu2.exe and clean up to install VISIO 2007 followed by OFFICE 2007 error free.

    I hope this helps and doesn't ruin anybodies computers.

    Windows XP Error 1325: 'Documents' is not a valid short file name Installing OFFICE, VISIO, Windows Installer Cleanup Utility msicuu2.exe info here: and download here:

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    Re: Error 1325 'Documents' is not a valid short file name

    Just an update on this error and Windows 7. I loaded Win7 on my laptop and encrypted the D drive. I moved my personal folders to the D drive and figured my stuff would be OK...With the encryption the Sprint air card software I was installing couldn't access the My Documents folder...Unlocked the encrypted drive and it installed just fine...Bitten by technology again. :-)

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