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Thread: Copy/Paste/Clipboard Prob

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    Copy/Paste/Clipboard Prob

    I am having problem with Clipboard that is not holding the Copy? I am running Windows XP with Office 2002 with IE7. When I choose or copy from a website and go to a place I want to past into and when I right click and paste or edit the thing I copied is not there, actually the paste option is not visible? It is not happening everytime but it seems to happen if I am in Internet Explorer and copy something and then go to a word document or Outlook Express email to paste. I then go back and select the copy paste and it works. Does anyone know what is the problem here? Thanks

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    Re: Copy/Paste/Clipboard Prob

    Is it happening in Windows Explorer or only with Internet Explorer? It has to do something with some programs that is having a lock over the Windows Clipboard. You can download an application called by searching it on google to solve this issue.

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    I had this issue some weeks before. I noticed that if you have Word as part of the Works Suite, when you open Word it clears the clipboard. The fix was to uninstall a feature of the Works Suite. You can find the same in Add or Remove program.

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