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Thread: WinXP and HID device drivers

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    WinXP and HID device drivers

    I am here trying to install Logitech MX3200 keyboard/mouse combo. But somehow there is a issue with the usb wireless receiver. When I had connected the receiver to the pc it is recognized by Windows XP. I checked inside Device Manager where I found Human Interface Device. so that looks to be installed by appropriate drivers. It is using the internal drivers that come with Windows XP. I am not using any third party drivers here. The system looks to be working fine here. But somehow there is a problem with the device drivers.

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    The devices is not working because you probably need a*.INF file which is used by the drivers to run the hardware. The Driver tab for the device in device manager properties should list the INF to copy over. You can find that on the official website of Logitech. You can also get the drivers through windows update. And I think that might work fine if you simply try to update the drivers online.

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    SOLVED!!! Logitech MX3200 USB mini receiver installing problems !!!

    I experienced the same problem too. I'm running winXP SP2 and my mini receiver cannot be installed and marked "USB receiver" in winXP hardware manager. The problem is the loss of file oem42.inf in winXP's INF folder. You need to put oem42.inf & oem42.pnf in that folder to trigger automatic installation. Download the file in the link below :

    It contains all the file required by window installer plus the instruction on how to manual install the Logitech MX3200. Remember to read the instruction FIRST !!!

    Goodluck with your new Logitech MX3200 !!!!

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